Steven DeVito

Steven DeVito

Institutional Fixed Income Trading & ALM

Mobile:  631-335-3115


Steven has over 25 years’ experience as an Institutional Fixed Income trader, bond portfolio Strategist, Bank Asset-Liability balance sheet Management Strategist, and Defined Benefit Pension consultant employing Custom Liability Indices to drive Liability Driven Investment management.   Steven performs as bond trader for Ryan ALM accounts where he works with Tradeweb and various B/D who are placed in competition for best execution.

Steven provides value-added analytical services that help investors make informed investment decisions and build fixed income portfolios that address their financial objectives and risk management needs. 

Steven has been published in “U.S. Banker” and “Credit Union Executive Society” magazines as a recognized expert on institutional investments, interest rate risk management, and balance sheet strategies. 

He has also been invited twice as an educational speaker at the Ohio Treasurer of State’s Center for Public Investment Management Advanced Institute (CPIM), educating Ohio public funds managers on investment products and strategies.  

Steven has been invited to speak at Bloomberg LP to educate their sales and product development teams so that Bloomberg LP may provide better service and products to their customers.

Steven has over 25 years’ experience working with financial institutions in the institutional fixed income markets with special expertise in asset and mortgage-backed securities.  In addition to working with securitized assets Steven has experience working with non-securitized assets including residential & commercial mortgage loans, Loan Participations, Taxi Medallion loans, Aircraft & lease receivables, USDA Land Conservation lease receivables, U.S. Dept. of the Interior (DOI) /Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Guaranteed Native American loans, and Tobacco settlement escrows.

Stevens’ experience includes positions as:  Head of mortgage securities trading at Northeast Securities New York, NY;   Director, Financial Institutions Group at Countrywide Securities Corp., headquarters Calabasas, California; Senior Vice President Institutional Sales at Cantor Fitzgerald & Co., in New York, Vice President and Co-Manager of the Institutional Sales and Asset/Liability Management Group at Oppenheimer & Company, Inc. in New York.

Steven brings his significant fixed income and banking expertise to bear on the advice and service he provides to Banks, Credit unions, as well as other Liability driven investors like defined benefit pensions. 

When working with depository institutions Steven takes a total balance sheet approach utilizing Asset-Liability Analysis and Balance sheet Management expertise to make informed investment recommendations that complement the institutions loans and liabilities composition. 

This approach enhances the institutions financial performance and competitive position.  Steven takes a similar analytical and value-added approach when working with institutional investors such as Investment managers who have a total return objective and market index benchmark.   When working with an Insurance company or Defined benefit Pension plan he employs a Liability Driven Investor (LDI) strategy which includes a custom Liability Index and liability cash flow matching portfolio.  He has developed customized analytics to identify and communicate investment risks and opportunities to institutional clients and their boards.  Steven attended Loyola University of Chicago, B.A. Political Science, and holds FINRA series 7, 22 , and 63 licenses. 

2005 = Ron Ryan wins Money Management Letter Lifetime Achievement Award
2006 = Ron Ryan wins William F. Sharpe Index Lifetime Achievement Award
2007 = Ryan ALM designs 1-30 year Treasury Maturity Ladder Index as PowerShares ETF
2007 = Ryan ALM wins Capital Link Most Innovative ETF Award
2010 = Ryan ALM designs suite of 1st RAFI Fundamental Bond Indexes
2012 = Ryan ALM designs 1st SBA Indexes as joint effort with GLS
2014 = Ron Ryan authors new book: “The U.S. Pension Crisis”
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