John D. Girard

John D. Girard

Trustee, Boca Raton Police & Firefighter Retirement System

John D, Girard is a Trustee of the Boca Raton Police & Firefighters Retirement System and has served in capacity for over 25 years. He is presently a private investor.

John's prior business career expands over 45 years in the financial services industry. During that period of time, John served as President of the National Stock Exchange as well as sitting on the Board of Depository Trust Co. and the Composite Tape Committee.

John also served as an executive at several prominent financial institutions including Girard Trust Co., First National Bank in Palm Beach, Palisade Capital Management, and Kennedy Capital Management.

2005 = Ron Ryan wins Money Management Letter Lifetime Achievement Award
2006 = Ron Ryan wins William F. Sharpe Index Lifetime Achievement Award
2007 = Ryan ALM designs 1-30 year Treasury Maturity Ladder Index as PowerShares ETF
2007 = Ryan ALM wins Capital Link Most Innovative ETF Award
2010 = Ryan ALM designs suite of 1st RAFI Fundamental Bond Indexes
2012 = Ryan ALM designs 1st SBA Indexes as joint effort with GLS
2014 = Ron Ryan authors new book: “The U.S. Pension Crisis”
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